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Carpet Types



There are not many more expensive or lavish choices when it comes to carpet than Wool Carpet and for good cause. It offers a huge choice in hues and colors, and it also naturally repels moisture and is very resilient and long lasting. Its natural fiber affords one of the softest, most luxurious feels that feet can walk on. One drawback is that it doesn’t do well with cleaners that contain strong chemicals and bleaches will damage its look for forever. If wool is an investment that you decide you want to make, placing it in areas that do not have a high volume of traffic is best, like a master bedroom or formal living room, areas where there tend to be less accidents and spills.


Nylon Carpet is comfortable, very durable and has a high resistance to stain. This makes it among the most common carpeting options and perfect to use in areas of high traffic. It is not ideal for those areas that can be exposed to moisture often. It is just right for foyers, stairs, and living areas. For longevity, choose nylon carpets, it has been created to be thickly packed and this helps it retain its dense texture longer when compared to standard carpeting.


Polyester Carpet presents very similar comfort and quality to that of nylon. It does tend to easily attract dirt though, but it does well at resisting stains. It would not perform well in high traffic areas. Barefoot feet will find it very agreeable and ideal.


Olefin Carpet is a wise choice for bathrooms and other areas where moisture has a constant presence. It is known and chosen for its intense durability and its superb ability to be resistance to moisture as well as bleaches and chemicals. One not so positive aspect is that walking on it barefoot isn’t all that pleasant.



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Cabinets Primera provides options for kitchen, bath, entertainment, laundry, and wall bed cabinets. For each room, they offer a variety of styles, woods and stains, hardware and molding accessories. Primera uses different manufacturers who each specialize in a quality cabinet ranging in style from antique to traditional to contemporary.
Countertops The kinds of materials for countertops at Primera's includes granite, marble, and limestone. Plus their line includes natural stones like travertine, quartzite, sandstone and onyx. These materials add luxury but are affordable. In addition, Primera has engineered stone such as cambria and CaesarStone which is a natural beauty and a definite trendsetter.
Window Treatments To compliment your flooring, cabinets, and paint; Primera offers window treatments that provide the right amount of light, privacy, warmth, and beauty to your design. These treatments found at Primera's can be elegant, contemporary, or casual.
Flooring Primera offers a wide selection of high end, competitively priced Wood Flooring, Tile Flooring, Resilient Flooring and Carpet. In addition to the flooring itself, Primera provides a variety of trims, moldings and accents. Our wide range of flooring selections provides numerous options to meet the continuously evolving needs of our valued customers.