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Explaining what natural stone is all about?

Our earth’s crust and the geological changes that happened within it throughout millions of years is what has produced natural stone. The result of our earth cooling and heating and the layers moving against each other has resulted in the creation of a wide variation of color and characteristics. Depending upon the process in which it was made, and also depending on its composition and characteristics, different stones are placed and grouped into different categories such as granite, marble, limestone, travertine, quartzite, sandstone and onyx.

GRANITE is formed deep within the earth’s crust. It is considered an igneous rock. The minerals that exist in granite occur in small quantity throughout the stone, this creates a textured, crystalline appearance.

MARBLE is formed from intense pressure and very high temperatures inside the earth. Once upon a time marble was limestone but through the pressure and heat, it metamorphosis and its structure was changed and other minerals were introduced. This metamorphosis produce the valuable color and veining so desirable in marble.

LIMESTONE is formed at the earth’s surface and within bodies of water by the deposition, or the creating of landmasses. Made mostly of calcium carbonate, limestone ranges in color from snowy white to tan, to pinkish, to gold, to even green and black. Limestone’s texture can be very smooth, open or have fossils trapped inside.

TRAVERTINE is formed by slow participation in pools of rich mineral spring water. It is considered a chemical limestone and the pores and holes in the stone were created by gas bubbles trapped as the stone was being formed.

QUARTZITE is a very durable hard stone. It is made up of quartz grain. It comes from sandstone that has been mixed with magma, pressure and high temperature makes the grain re-crystallize and stick together. Like marble, quartzite comes in a variety of colors and tends to have a sugary appearance.

SANDSTONE is made primarily of quartzite crystals stuck together with silicone, calcium carbonate or iron oxide. It is also considered a sedimentary rock

ONYX is a layered calcite stone. It is deeply sought after and has a beautiful translucent quality to it. It comes in soft, pastel colors and exquisite formations.

Why should I use natural stone in my home?
Natural stone is a gift, a piece of art from nature. It creates an atmosphere of strength in our homes and is timeless. Since natural stone is not man-made no two pieces are alike so everything it is used to create is unique. It is an affordable way to add luxury and distinctiveness to your home.

Where can I use natural stone in my home?
Pretty much everywhere you can imagine. Our beautify natural stone can grace your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, flooring, patios, pool decks, backsplashes, wall covering and much more.

Why is it best to use granite for kitchen countertops?
Granite’s high durability and its natural scratch resistant qualities make it a first choice in countertop material. It is one of the densest and hardest of all natural stones, so it is hard for the normal wear and tear that happens in a kitchen to tamper with its look.

What are the advantages of natural stone over man-made products?
Mother Nature gave us natural stone, and as with everything she gives us, the material is matchless in variations, shade, characteristics and color. One installation will never look like the other, every single one is different. Man-made products such as ceramic and porcelain tiles are recurring in their look. Nature stone helps you stay away from that 'cookie cutter look'.

What is the best stone to use in my home?
Each type of natural stone has different strengths and weaknesses; some are harder, some are softer some are shinier and some are matted. Your best choice in stone is going to depend very much on placement and on your own personal taste. Limestone for example is a softer stone and will not live well in high traffic areas. Our staff has a lot of knowledge in this area and is well versed in guiding you through our vast inventory of natural stone and in helping you decide which stone is best for you.

How do I clean and maintain my natural stone tiles The best preventive measure that you can take with your stone to retain its beauty is to seal it, that is what we nearly always recommend. Also, cleaning it on a regular basis and immediately wipping up any and all spills and accidents will help keep your natural stone in its best possible shape. Do not use harsh chemicals on your natural stone, remember it comes from nature so warm water with a non-abrasive, clear, non-acidic cleaner is best.
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